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As part of the Mariners Junior Football Membership program, the Central Coast Mariners have created TeamConnect - a safe, social network for young Mariners supporters.

TeamConnect is a secure, invitation-only space where all Central Coast Football (CCF) registered players who have activated their EnergyAustralia Junior Membership have been put into Teams – one for each local club.

You can login and chat to your own TeamMates plus:

  • Get great tips and inside info from Lawrie McKinna & each club has been assigned a player who you can send a message to.
  • Leave a comment on your TeamWall.
  • Upload your own game day photos and view other TeamPosts including video.

Rest assured the TeamConnect site is secure - unlike other social networking sites the people on the site are all validated. The TeamSpace has an active virtual TeamPatrol dedicated to 'keeping it real'.

Once you have registered, you will be placed on two teams - one will be your nominated Club Team and the other will be the All Young Supporters Team

Remember to upload your profile picture and change your password when you login for the first time.

See you there,

Lawrie McKinna (click to see my Social Media Profile)


Note to Kids, Parents / Carers,

If you wish to exit the Team at anytime simply click on Marvin and send him a message with your request and he'll take care of it straight away. Alternatively, if you know someone who should be in the team OR you have been placed in the wrong team, let Marvin know.

The user accounts were created from the information you supplied in the Junior Membership activation process. If you were an existing user of vTeam for your club, representative team or other teams and you now have two accounts, this is because the information supplied was different to your existing account. If you would like us to connect your accounts please just send Marvin a message with your details once you have entered the system.